Enviroment policy

Enviroment policy

Since the beginning the idea of the company has been to work in harmony and respect with people (including myself), animals and the enviroment. 

I don’t use cotton in my collections since it’s a material highly effecting the nature and the people working with it. Ecologic cotton from certified farms is coming and will perhaps be interesting for my collections in the future.

I’ve chosen to produce as much as I can in Sweden. The result is more expensive, but I know exactly who’s doing what and that they are working under good conditions. Since the distances are short I minimise the transportation and also the missunderstandings since we speak the same language.

Today my merino wool is certified ecologic. I’ve a problem finding ecologic certified linen, Icelandic wool and alpaca, but are certain they are produced under good conditions. The alpaca comes from a cooperative in Bolivia a collegue of mine has visited.

My goal is to work only with ecologic and certified material. And because I belive all people need eachother I want to work with material from developing countries.

Since I started my company in 1996, I’ve donated 10 sek (1 euro) for each sold garnment, to the organisation ”Doctors without borders”. Today the donations is about 20 000 sek for each year (2 000 euro).

Zick Zack