Organic wool

Organic wool light felted

Organic wool diagonal

About organic wool (gots)
We knit a sparse rib which then get felted in the washing machine (then the wool stick together a little). The wavy edge seam makes a simply feminine expression.

Gots (Global Organic Textile System) is a certificate that guarantees that the wool is organic throughout the complete production from livestock to dyeing.

About Diagonal
Double knitted organic wool. Lightweight, comfortable and easy-fitting. The inspiration comes from Sigmar Polke’s work ”Higher beings enjoin: paint the upper right corner black!” from 1969. The oblique diagonal is the ultimate simplification of the triangular shape. In the garment I’m working with the meeting between the stripes and triangles occurs here and there.

At Formex Fair in 2014 Diagonal was nominated the price Formidable.

Colours organic wool light felted
black, offwhite, grey black, light grey, blue

Colours Diagonal
dark grey/light grey (dark brown seams)
black/warm grey (black seams)
black/greyblack (black seams)

Ekoull 2016