Linen Flower

Linen Cherry Blossom

50%Viscose 50% Linen Striped

Viscose scarf

About Linen
Linen is alive. It stretches and becomes soft when you use it, and shrinks and become rigid when you wash it. When washing some flocking of the linen fibers occurs on the surface, but disappears when the garment is used. Seams turns too – but turns back when washed. Linen is simply alive and very sensual.

About Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom is inspired by the meeting between the geometrical circle and the natural, shape of flowering cherry. The ‘Black’ in the name reflects spring as a season with a darker aspect. The fabric is double-knitted. We wash the fabric before sewing which may result in flocking of linen fibers on the surface. These will usually be gone after a short time of typical wear.

Linen Flower
thunder, greyblue, unbleached, red, white

Colours Cherry Blossom
greyblue/thunder, red/unbleached, unbleached/white

50% Viscose 50% Linen striped
warm white

Viscose scarfs
spring green, grey blue, dark pink, pink, thunder, beige, rust, warm white